Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior Specialization

The David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah offers a program of study leading to a Ph.D. through the Department of Management with a specialization in Organizational Behavior. The Organizational Behavior specialization focuses on the social psychology of organizational life. This focus translates into a broad array of concerns including ethical decision making in organizations, prejudice at work, negotiations, workplace justice, group decision making process, the role of time in groups, organizations' self-defeating organizational behaviors, intra-group conflict, and the display of sexuality at work.

Students also select at least one supporting allied field that must be outside the Management Department, typically psychology. The PhD program in Management is flexible, and each student's program is designed according to his/her experience, interests, and career goals.

The Department of Management PhD program is designed to provide opportunities for individuals to develop excellence in their primary and supporting areas of study as well as in the quantitative and/or qualitative research methodologies through a set of seminars. The seminars are designed to provide the required training and education necessary to make contributions to published literature in the field; recent topics included groups, negotiations, and ethics.

Doctoral students in the Organizational Behavior department work closely with faculty members on research and teaching assignments throughout their program. Students will have an opportunity to be involved in faculty members' research projects, as well as to develop projects of their own. All students will have the opportunity to teach at least one course in their major area of study.

"At the David Eccles School of Business, there is an emphasis on performing quality research early in the program. In several PhD programs, students complain that their role in projects is limited to data entry or identifying relevant articles. But at Utah, faculty push students to develop their own ideas and assume leadership on projects as early as the second year. Students are encouraged to pursue big ideas and faculty always ensure that they are provided resources required to succeed. The faculty in this program really take care of their students." - Sreedhari Desai, Assistant Professor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Typical Program of Study

Organizational Behavior Highlights

  • Intense student-faculty collaboration on learning and research

  • Extensive supporting coursework in psychology

  • Coursework largely tailored to a student's interests

  • Opportunity to select courses in communications, philosophy, sociology, economics, and other disciplines

  • Student designated research funds

  • An engaged, influential faculty

  • The academic market for organizational behavior graduates is very good with starting salaries often exceeding $125,000

  • Management Speaker Series

PhD Committee Representative

Dr. Kristina Diekmann


Phone: 1 (801) 581-8524

Organizational Behavior Faculty